Sunday, December 30, 2007

A forever resolution

Bought a diamond a week back... Saw Blood Diamond a few days later...

the diamond cut thru my heart... and this is the last diamond i would ever buy... it is the one that will have to last forever...

A resolution cast in stone...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

In the middle. Which End

In the US of A, the doyen of capitalism, greed and individualism... all alone sitting inside the apartment, unwilling to venture into the cold harsh winter, I read about Bhutan...

A country that fascinated since I read about their funda of gross national happiness... Buddhism in its true spirit... Few things impressed because they were my kind of thinking and awed by some others because I had never thought that far...

Buddhism, the more you read surprises and captures you by its simplicity.. no bible, no ramayan, no koran trying to mesmerise the laity by the miracles of their dieties.. just plain simple human language of peace and tranquility...

America and Bhutan, the two far ends of a spectrum.. Makes me wonder.. from the middle, to which end of the spectrum is India drifting...

Want to visit Bhutan to see the beauty... and cant think of going without a 'camera' !!... myself caught in the middle, wondering which way to drift

Friday, December 29, 2006

Flavour of the year

It is a time that you look back and see how you want to better yourself. A time to take off from the mundane and mull over the past and the future. Ponder on the beauty and fallacies of life. A time to forget philosophy and just free fall into a party binge and wake up a couple of days later. A time to sink in back into philosophy if you have already partied too hard for Christmas. On the whole, a time for a change from the mundane, a little high, new resolutions, breaking old resolutions and generally getting upbeat on life.

For me, no aspirations that the New Year will bring in loads of changes, since all I can ask for is already in tune. It doesn’t mean that the year is going to be a bore. As always the resolve to do something new everytime has not faded and it begs no turn of a calendar to strengthen. Life has been beautiful and the small changes have added that master touch. And a few more finesse touches only add to the beauty. Blogging, fatherly-feeling, IT job, A seventh floor away-from-pollution home, my small addition to the better-than-the-forefathers generation X (or is it Y :)), naming the kid, nicknaming the kid, trekking will be the flavours of the year. I can already mmmm the smell of it and feel fresh. The aroma is inviting. And I have beautiful company to enjoy the feast.

May the New Year begin.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Good life

I have figured out that I am at my best when I am not tired to think. I am jovial, social, bearable, joyful and not painful to Nidhi. I may not think about the most productive things in this world, rather never, but it keeps me going. I get most frustrated when I haven’t thought some arbit idea, I think is good, for sometime. This is not to say that I am a basket full of genius ideas, but whatever they are they keep me fresh and most importantly, as I have said, bearable.

There are few things that have come to my mind that I need to do to be that way.

One of them is to just write ideas, big and small, that I have come across in life and felt good or got wowed. The idea may or may not be mine. I may have read it, discussed it, heard it, or overheard it. I feel that I have come across infinite amount of them, as anybody would have. Some of the ideas that I think are great or genius may seem mundane or plane obvious to others. Some may make people feel that I am so stupid that I think of simple plain thoughts as idea-e-genius. So be it.

When I come across something that I don’t know of, there is a strong urge in me to find out. Most of the time, the situation does not permit the discovery at that instant and it gets lost. I want to make sure I pen it down so that it does not get missed. A time will come when I can find out or figure out. This is the second thing I need to do. The list may pile up big and expose my lack of knowledge to myself. So be it.

When I think about my job, career, learning etc, I find one thing very important. Unless I innovate in what I am doing, no job would interest me. So I want to come up with one new thing every fortnight that is new and a step forward. And if I ever feel that my job does not permit this, because of whatever reason, I should quit in search of something new. Else I would be neither doing justice to myself nor the job. I may become a eternal searcher. So be it.

So here I am writing these things down in the middle of the night, though I have had a tiring day. And of course there will be an evaluator for all these. Yes, Nidhi is the chosen one :). No timelines. No deadlines. No pressure. Free mind. Good ideas. Good life.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jungle gene

Mosquitoes! Few people write on them. Many people across the world haven’t seen one in real life and are scared about places that have them. For many people it’s a fact of life, like corrupt politicians; They just exist at every nook and corner and suck your blood but you co-exist with them, you don’t write about them. So no one just writes about them, depriving them of their place in literature. When few days back Nidhi wrote to me that I don’t write my blog anymore, I had no intention of writing about them either.

Today, I killed 38 of them. 38, A score that most of the Indian batsmen haven’t seen in recent times against their name. So, it is s BIG number. Each one pasted on a white sheet of kit-kat inner cover so as not to miss the count and to make sure the trophies are collected. It’s the Obelix feeling. These mosquitoes are crazy.

Anyone living in Koramangala will sure feel a victorious smile on their faces, reading about the achievement. People in some parts of the world may think what the hell am I writing about. Maneka will shout that I should be jailed for this homicide. Afterall, mosquitoes have life like street dogs; And are as bothersome. Some friends will say, I have seen him behave like this with monkeys; he has always been like that. Mowgli? Nidhi will say ‘mad man’ and wonder how she ended up with this Junglee. She has already done this thrice. Yesterday.

The outcome may seem mundane. Well, we had a peaceful night’s sleep. And I got some stuff to write. Koramangalans are proud. Sehwag has got someone new to look up to (Sachin is old wine now).

Viru, take a break, have a kit-kat. May you thrash all the Pakis and paste them on a white paper

Monday, March 20, 2006

whats a blog

Its been sometime since I wrote something. Anything for that matter. I havent even been writing to friends. Well Nidhi complains of the same too. And here I am, all determined to kick the habit of not-writing. There are two questions that come to my mind when I thought of writing. Should I? .... Nidhi says, I shud. And nothing else matters. Can I?..... Well, let me try. My previous experience is only writing mails and exams.

I have not been having time to do things I think and even preach are important in life. Like calling friends, reading, going out, trekking and impressing my wife. I have been struggling to find time to do things apart from work. And I am the stoneage sage who preached work-life balance since man found what work and life were. Well, this blog is an attempt to undo the infinite work i have been doing at the job. An attempt to kill boredom. An attempt to keep in touch with friends. And most importantly, an attempt to impress my wife.